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Switched from Topical Minoxidil 5% to Oral Minoxidil 2.5mg


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I was using topical minox for the past 5+ years twice a day, small side effects initially like heart palpitations but those went away in a few days. I didn't have any real shed with topical nor did I notice any improvements, but I kept using because I knew it could be a nice combo with dermarolling.

Recently I was noticing my hair getting dry and brittle and was thinking it may be the alcohol in the topical minoxidil (I used liquid and foam) so I decided to switch to oral minox 2.5mg daily because I've read it can turn a non responder into a great responder. As of right now I have no side effects. I'll post some updates along the way but I'm getting a hair transplant next month with Kaan Pekiner, so as for pictures, I don't think I'll be able to see if the minoxidil is working.

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