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Hrt Treatment androgenetic alopecia

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 Question from cis-male To transgenders especially.  Been reading about HRT,  and was thinking about doing it. If i can get the meds online as nobody probably  would prescribe me meds approved for use in  Females/transgenders only.  I've Been reading about it lately and I can handle boobs and things like that. But i'm  not willing to do it if it is full blown/noticeable facial feminizing i really dont want to look like a girl facially. Heard about changes to  facial fat deposits. Are there Any studies with info about facial feminizazation??. Treatments like Minox  or PPR is almost out of sigth as My  balding pattern probably Will reach end destination NW6/NW7)  in No time.  I'm considering hair system if i don't choose HRT. Could spironolactone alone or similar medication help with regrowth?.  

I'm Currently a Diffuse NW5 Cis-male.                       

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