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HT at Asmed Dr. Koray Erdogan FUE 3600 Grafts 30.04.2021

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Hello everyone;

I am 29 years old. I have had genetic hair loss complaints for a long time. And it turned me into an asocial person. During my stay at home due to Covid 19, I was counting each hair in front of the mirror one by one, and even calculating the number of hair loss per day, so I was getting depressed.

During this time, as an internet geek, I did a lot of research for hair transplantation. I knew that due to the Covid 19 outbreak, I had to do so much research about all clinics.

As a result of my research, I found the clinic most preferred by Turkish and foreign patients by reading forums. Here it is! Asmed, Dr. Koray Erdogan!

Next step is  searching for information about ASMED. I got detailed information about Covid 19 measures by calling the Patient Coordinator 4 times. At this point, I apologize to her because I believe I am too bloated. She answered all my questions with a smiling face and a calm tone of voice, even if you were on the phone, you can feel it.

She answered all my questions .She told me about KEBOT technology. An interesting technology created by Koray Erdoğan. Since I wanted the donor area to be natural, I looked at the before / after operation results . The reason why it was natural as if no hair was taken from the donor area is because of this KEBOT technology.You will understand what it means when you come to Asmed.

When I arrived at Asmed , they welcomed me in a gentle and friendly way, and asked me to change my mask. I went through a cabin for the disinfestation.A talented pianist was playing Beethoven and it made me felt like i came to a special place which is full of art and esthetic.( Opps i forgot to tell you that entrance is like an art gallery, you can see “Melting Memories” by Refik Anadol, “Konstantiniyye” by Ahmet Gunestekin, they are really precious Turkish artists.) After the Covid 19 PCR TEST, blood test and EKG , I had a photo shoot and my hair was examined by Dr. Koray , he calculated my hair thickness, density and he did other calculations, then KEBOTanalysis. For the operation plan and hairline design they shaved my hair.

The naturalness of the frontline was another thing that I care about, at this point, even my friends who had hair transplantation before at another clinic ,looked at me enviously.

When it comes to the operation day! I woke up early with the first lights of the morning.
It was the time that I realized that perhaps the most difficult part of hair transplantation was to decide to have a hair transplant.
You are probably wondering about the answers to those questions that I have researched before..

-Is hair transplant operation painful?
-Is it logical to undergo this operation during the epidemic period?
-Is it worth all this pain ?
-Do people understand that I have had a hair transplantation?

Here I answer!

Hair transplant operation is not a painful operation as thought. At least I didn't feel even a little pain in ASMED.

When you come to ASMED, you are convinced that all measures have been taken. Moreover, after a while, you get a little jealous as you see that it is disinfected better than anywhere else in your own country.

You realize that this question is unnecessary because you do not feel any pain. But when you see the change you can be sure it's worth it.
Nobody understands that you have a hair transplant. They just say you're getting younger and there's a difference.

They keep in touch with you when the operation is over.Because the results after the operation have a great importance for them. My other friends who had hair transplantation surgery at other clinics said that they had trouble reaching the clinic after their surgery.I've just called ASMED twice. They called 4-5 times and asked me about my current situation.

That's all my hair transplant adventure. If you have questions, I can answer them.

Here are my photos!





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