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What is the best advantage of hair transplant in your opinion?


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In my opinion the best advantage is not using hair concealers anymore. I feel so liberating not to use them anymore. I've been using Dermmatch and Toppik for 5 years before my HT. I washed my hair twice a week and only put them on after washing my hair. So much work... And checking my hairline at work, in clubs, on parties. So frustrating.... I think nobody ever spotted but still. Only once I was drinking coffee with two my women friends and one of them asked me what is this dirt in my hair. Luckily I didn't freeze and just said I was working at home and probably got dirty. 

I have two kids and we go to the seaside every year. I was always careful not to wet my hair. My son wanted to dive but I did only on days when I washed my hair. Really frustrating. Now I jump in the sea and dive my son. 

Really life changing experience! 




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