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Looking for a Hair System in the UK


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Hello everyone, I am trying to find a hair transplant system in the UK. There are just too many. Does anyone have any advice, who do you recommend, who should I stay away from and why? Thank you so much, I appreciate any help you can offer!


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Hey Mickey (wow, I almost broke into song, then...)


My advice would be to avoid places like Advance Hair Studios, and Whitecliffes - it's a whole horror-world of pain most people could usually do without. I speak from experience. Google them and see what you find.


Personally, after trying at least 7 campanies, I went with http://www.optimahair.co.uk/

And I never looked back. Professional, nice people who won't rip you off, and my hair is and has been fantastic, for over 2 years now. That said - you should do as much research as possible on hair systems first, and make a decision over which company to go with yourself.


Hope you find the right place for you!


THG :-)

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