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DT-DR opinion request - and everyone else.


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have been on Rogaine and Propecia for 11 years now. My wife and I are wanting to have a baby and we are a little concerned over the drug's possible affects on male fetuses (as we obviously don't know what we will end up with). Another curve ball is that I just had my 2nd HT done yesterday so I want to keep my new and remaining hair in healthy. Yesterday the HT doctor mentioned a topical Avodart as a possible substitute to the propecia while my wife is pregnant. But I cannot find any other information on this and I am wondering how concerned I should be that the Propecia could harm our future child(ren) while conceiving and while in the womb? Also, are there any good substitutes while pregnant and do any of you know about this topical version of avodart, or more importantly - does it work? Worst case scenario, how devastating will a nine month hiatus from Propecia to my hair goals (keep and try to grow more)?


I have heard that Propecia is out of the system in 3 days, so I am off of it for a few weeks to get pregnant then use a barrier for the rest of the pregnancy - will that prevent issues? I may be over thinking this a lot, but realistically my child will be more important than my hair and I do not know if I would live with myself if my hair pill ruined my child's life.


Thank you for your help,



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