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0.5 mg/day ??


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First let me congratulate the contributors and responsibles for this forum. It is very informative!


I'm 32 male and have been noticing hair thinning and losses over the last 2-3 years. I believe I'm at stage 2 (minor recession at the front of the hairline) at the moment. The hair loss process seems to happen quite slow in my case (when I run my fingers through the hair, I usually see 1-2 hairs coming out). However, I don't want to take any chances and decided it is time to be proactive. I recently bought Finpecia 1mg (Finasteride generic) and I'm ready to start taking it. I've seen some discussions in this forum about taking 0.5 mg / day, instead of the standard 1mg / day. I thought to start with such amount (0.5 mg/day) as my hair loss seems weak. In addition, I'm not interested in re-growth but just want to stop the loss. I'm also using Revita.


A few questions in mind:


- Am I being precipitated to start taking finasteride at this point?


- If I stop taking the drug after (let's say) 3-4 years, will the loss be worse than if I had never started?


-Has anyone tried and got results (even if only stop of loss) with 0.5 mg / day?


-How much time does it usually take to stop hair loss with 1 mg/day?


-Are there cases where the hair loss stops at initial stages without any action (drugs) or, once it starts, it is unstoppable without the use of drugs?


Thanks in advance




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