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L'Oreal "Studio Dirty Clean" - sharing some thoughts

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I've been using the following for some time now and I must admit, it truly does a great job at 'layering' one's hair and generating thickness.


L'Oreal Studio Dirty Clean

Texturizing Solid Creme

Day After Effect, Layered Look

Strong Hold, Non-Hardening


I start with fully dry hair (after waiting for Rogaine Foam to dry). The trick is not to use too much of this 'Dirty Clean' as it otherwise gets clumpy. Instead, start with a little and then just add a little bit more as you go.


I also find that you can wear your hair 'messy' if desired or 'smooth it out' for work. Either way, I quite like this product and thought someone else might also like to try it and see if it works for them.


1662 with Dr. Ron Shapiro - Spring 2006

1105 with Dr. Ron Shapiro - Fall 2009

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