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Recommendations for SMP in Asia

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Hello Everyone,


I've come here to ask for some advises on where I can get SMP in Asia.


I live in Hong Kong and it seems like the only clinic with a good reputation in H.I.S.


I was wondering about other options in other countries where the price can be cheaper like Thailand or mainland China.


I have been reading many reviews but I don't know who to believe anymore haha, many reviews seem fake.


Im willing to invest on it but wanna make sure Im getting a good work done.


Any help would be great!


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike,

I did my Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) procedure in Asia with Phuket Hair Clinic in Phuket, Thailand and was very happy and still very happy with my SMP results after a few years now.

Phuket Hair Clinic are also cheaper than most other SMP providers but offer world class SMP procedures as they are the most experienced with scalp micro-pigmentation in Phuket, Thailand.

Also, a friend of mine had his procedure done in Bangkok with MSP Clinic (Micro Scalp Pigmentation Clinic) and mentioned that they are the best in Bangkok, Thailand and I've seen his results too and it is amazingly good for Asia, actually I would say better than some SMP results that I have seen abroad.

Here are their website addresses and contact info:

For Phuket:

Phuket Hair Clinic (email: info@phukethairclinic.com)  (website) www.phukethairclinic.com 

For Bangkok :

MSP Clinic (email: info@mspclinic.com)  (website) www.mspclinic.com 


I hope this helps.



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