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Hi. I have only made a few posts here. I hope I am on the right site for my question. I am female and have been on minoxidal, proscar and LLT for about 2 years. All of this stopped my hair loss and even started to grow a bit. However just 2 months ago I had a hair transplant (700 graft,mostly 3hairs each) to thicken out the top of my head. Right now I am in the midst of shock loss YUK and I think at this point I look worse than when I started. Anyway, I have been having some health issues that my rheumatologist thinks she may have figured out. She diagnosed me with possible Lupus which is an autoimmune disease. While this in itself can cause hair loss what I am afraid of is I have read that the plaquenil( the drug she put me on) can also cause it!! I am mortified. I have come too far to see me start to lose my hair now. Especially since I just got a transplant. Does anyone know about this drug? Are the odds very great that this is a definate side effect? Thankyou very much for any help.

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