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Before and after one procedure totaling 1621 grafts by Dr. William Rassman of the New Hair Institute

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This patient came to us unhappy with the way his hairline was appearing. Knowing that it would only get worse with time, he decided to do something about it before it progressed to something that would be more difficult and expensive to transplant.


As you can see from his before photos, he had a somewhat persistent forelock, although not for long. Given time his hairline would be appearing more like a Norwood V than a Norwood III. So when he came in, we advised him to start taking some form of Finasteride to keep the hair he's already got, and then we transplanted 1621 grafts into the whole frontal region of his scalp, as you can see by the photo taken immediately post surgery.


And, as is evident by the photos, he's had a good result! His hairline is not only much stronger than it was, but he has a very good density in that entire region that was thinning before. Our patient is now very happy with his look and does not plan on any further surgeries.










We here at NHI hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we take pride in our work.



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