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My story of hair transplant

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Hello Folks,


I am Naveen Khanna from Delhi,not very much active on this forum. Initially I used to surf this forum to get an information on how to choose a doctor for my hair transplant.


Now I am again active to share my story of hair transplant which I definitely should have done earlier as an contribution to the forum .But as you say its always better late than never .


So without taking much of your time I would share my story of hair loss ,hair transplant experience and the current results after 2.5 years.


To give a brief background about my hair loss story,it started in my mid twenties and situation got worse in late twenties.The year 2011-14 was the time when I suffered maximum hair loss and it was so fast that within 3 years my look got drastically changed.


I have attached a pic of mine just before my planned hair transplant.


Then finally I decided to get my HT done in January 2015 and the search for a good doctor began and we all know how tiring and frustrating job it is to find a good doctor.


Eventually I selected Dr.Tejinder bhatti and almost decided to go to chandigarh to get the transplant done.But some where in the back of mind I was reluctant due to outstation travel constraints.


So I was more interested to find a good doctor in Delhi/NCR region but was not able to find much information at that time.


Then one day while travelling to office me and my wife spotted a board of Eugenix in south extension Delhi and went there for a quick discussion before deciding the final doctor.


I can say I was fortunate enough to meet Dr.Pradeep Sethi who gave me detailed insights into the process and expectations after the surgery.We found the meeting to quite informative and fortunately I got to meet one patient who was visiting the doctor for a review.After seeing the results of that patient I got excited but also had feeling that the results were too good be true.


But since the excitement factor was more, so we decided to get some more references from Dr.Pradeep which he shared without any hesitation and I found their results as well to be quite impressive.


Now I had the results in front of me and also the location was a convenient and moreover all our queries were answered satisfactorily by Doctor Pradeep Sethi. Eventually we decided of getting my HT done from him.


We got an appointment for Janurary 3rd week and I was suggested 6000 grafts (appox) by the doctor.


Finally the day of surgery came and we went to the Gurgaon center of Eugenix where all the HT surgeries are done by Dr.Pradeep and his team.The facility is highly clean and the staff is quite supportive.They gave me some medication which included a pain killer,one for anxiety I guess and then shaved my head.


Then we spent time deciding my hairline and as soon as it was done we were in the OT.


In my case around 5500 grafts were taken from donor area (back of my head) and 1000 from beard.The process used was modified FUE which is called direct hair transplant.


It took 2.5 days to complete the process which was almost painless but tiring though :)


But their team ensured that me and wife who was with me in OT were as comfortable as possible.


I have attached my pics immediately after the surgery where I am looking some hard core criminal with a shaved head.


After the complettion of the surgery the post operative cares and medicines were shared with me .


The head was was done after around 10 days and after which most of the healing was done and it was looking as if I have got my haid trimmed and nothing else with minimal signs of a surgery.



Results after 2.5 years



Now I am sharing my results after 2.5 years and I personally found my results to be quite impressive and would first like to Thank God and then Dr. Pradeep and his team for these marvelous results .


I know I could have kept the post more detailed but I am sorry its due to time shortage.I am open to questions and can share the respective pics like after 3 months or so ,as and when needed.


And some of you may think that I have posted all good things about the doctor, then I would say Yes because Dr. Pradeep and his team has delivered exceptional results and I am highly satisfied ,so and am sharing this information as some of you might found it very useful .


It has truly been a life changing experience for me and I would be more than happy to answer your queries ,although replies could be a bit delayed.


But I can say for sure Eugenix is a great place to get your HT done.


If you are deciding to go for HT I would highly recommend Dr. Pradeep and his team so do meet them once before deciding .


Best of Luck and look forward to your queries.









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