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Considering Hair Transplant

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I am considering a Hair transplant in the next few months and have already met with a doctor that has been recommended on this website. The doctor has suggested 3500 FUT. Before I go for it, I had a few questions and was wondering if the members could share some feedback about their experiences.


1. I wanted to find out long-term effects (like 5 years or more) from people who have had a transplant. The results that I see on this website are from 6 months onwards until one year. I would like to hear from someone who is happy or unhappy with their experiences in the long-term.


2. I am experiencing frontal hair loss. The doctor told me that because the hair that he will transplant will come from an area which is not genetically affected from hair loss (from the back of my head), they won't be affected by further hair loss. Is there someone who had a hair transplant like this and experienced further hair loss between the newly planted hairs and had to go for a second HT. How was that experience?


I would be happy to hear from the other members and I thank you in advance.

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