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Dr Alexander - Biltmore Hair Loss in Phoenix, AZ

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I had my third and final transplant, this time with Dr. Scott Alexander of Biltmore Hair Loss yesterday and just wanted to post a review. I had 2 previous transplants done with Dr. Rahal of Canada over the past few years. I still needed to fill in my crown area which was bald as a baby's ass. Rahal told me I did not have enough donor area and refused to do the crown (Rahal is, btw, and excellent surgeon and other surgeons who saw his work were amazed).


I didn't want to fly to Canada again so doing some research online I found Dr. Alexander who is a few hours drive from me just outside of Phoenix. I met with him for a consultation. He didn't bullshit me or tell me just what I wanted to hear. He was straight up honest with me. His knowledge was also evident. I didn't have enough donor area for FUE so I had to do a strip...oh the dreaded strip.


His office staff was very nice and professional. His rates are fair and on par with what other top surgeons charge.


He assumed he would get 1700 grafts from my donor area but ended up with 2200. Surgery went off without a hitch. While my first strip surgery recovery was brutal, the day after this surgery I wasn't really that sore, and asprin took care of it. The worst part was the numbing needle. I'm a sissy when it comes to needles and omg that part was pure hell it hurt bad to the point I was like "oooooooooooooooowwww" screaming like a woman in child labor with every poke. The surgery was a breeze didn't feel a thing. It was boring as hell though sitting in a chair for 12 hours, but he has cable TV and dozens of movies to watch. Recovery is going well.


I would highly recommend Dr. Alexander. Also my advice... DO NOT go to a jack of all trades plastic surgeon who has to fly a 'specialist' in from cali to use an automated FUE machine and DO NOT go cheap. If you find a surgeon charging $1/graft run as fast as you can. Don't play russian roulette with your health/transplant.

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Welcome to the forum. I will aim to get your pics up online.




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