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sharing my experience and thoughts about ht and hair loss,,please everybody,i need ur opinions and support


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hi every hair sufferer out there,cant tell you how many times i dropped by here to get information about my hair loss misery,,till i had the guts to write about my experience. with hope to find some answers or to be helpful to somebody out there..ok i'm 34 yrs old ,been experiencing genetic hair loss since i was 27 (i love u dad!)regardless of being a huge toppic fan (a hassle addict), i decided to have a ht procedure earlier this summer,now i stand 5 months post operation,,,talking about satisfaction or happiness,,well i'm far awy from that point,even tho i just feel like eventually i might be transformed from being bald to being thin haired.

i still have redness at the insertion site,i heard it's gonna fade out by time but it looks as if i still got a pen mark along the hairline,,i wonder if the whole red area should be covered with hair according to the target denisty or not, and why the redness still lingers for that long? is that due to a lot of hair packing (hell! i wish) that significantly traumatized the scalp or wat???

another thing i've noticed along the hair line is that the surgeon inserted 2,or 3 fhu in there

is this gonna alter the natural look? every time i look at the hair line i can tell that the follicules look very PLUGY at the bottom of the shaft that reflects very unnatural look as if there's a bulp or smthg. ( do u know wat i'm talking bout?)is that normal?

they say that at 6 months u'll stand at half of wat you'll be getting,for me at 5 months i cant see that huge improvement at all.the few grown hairs still cant cover my scalp,they are very fine and pubic in structure.

i need somebody to point out about wat i should expect at 5 months point?and when i expect the redness to fade and why the fhu look so plugy.

wanna hear about my hair care regimen? here you go: nizoral shampoo causes me psoriasis and flaking,,rogain 5% foam causes redness,severe itching and flaking (lordy have mercy),,i just stick to johnson baby shampoo and one a day propecia plus a multivitamin,any other suggestions??

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Can you post some pictures of your hair? You'll get much more constructive feedback if you do.


I've noticed a lot of patients with pinkness even at the 5 months mark so it isn't all that unusual. If your doc is recommended by this site, you can have a look at other patient results to see if they have similar growth patterns.

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