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a fundamental question about hair transplant

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Hair transplants are taken from the backs and sides of your head or in the "safety zones" where the hair is usually not suspectible to hair loss. I am sure you notice how even bald people still have hair on the sides and backs of their heads, well this is where the transplants are taken from. If the transplants were taken from the top of your head, you'd have a more likely chance of losing them. The act of transplanting a hair has no effect on whether or not it will suspectibe to loss, that's predetermined, and it doesn't matter where you transplant them to on your body, they will keep their original characteristics, meaning if they were meant to be suspecticble to loss, they will be. This is why when you transplant body hair to your head, it will still look like body hair, not your real hair...transplants do not take on the characteristics of the recipient site.


Hope that helped xD

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