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2507 grafts with Dr. Hakan 21.12.2015(update 1 year)

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I am a 27-year-old boy with inherited hair loss. I think my hair began to lose since i was 20. But the process was slow so i haven't paid too much attention until last year. Given the budget factor, i choose Dr. Hakan, who has relatively rich experience while the cost is fair.


After discussed with the Dr., he estimated the maximum resource available in my donor area would be around 4000. In case of further hair loss and a second operation is needed, we agreed on 2500 grafts for the first time and saved the rest for the future.


Grafts were as follows:


Single graft - 925

Double graft - 1325

Triple graft - 257


Medicine: I use biotin everyday. As I can experience the side effect of proscar once I took it, i stopped it immediately.


My pictures during the first month is uploaded in the album of my blog. please feel free to have a look.

Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss and Transplant Photos


From the 17th day, I had the shock loss with 60-100 per day. I am not sure if it's due to folliculitis (itchy and some red spot) or normal shock loss after operation. Do anyone have similar symptom with me?

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