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MY experience with Dr. Vladimir Panine

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At the age of 25, I started losing my hair causing a noticeable and unappealing receding hairline. Unfortunately, my change in appearance and rapid progression of hair loss over the years drastically lowered my self-esteem and self- confidence.

In 2010, I began educating myself on the different types of hair restoration procedures and inquiring about local Chicagoland and Out-of-State Physicians specializing in hair transplantation. Some of the important factors and reasons why I chose Dr. Vladimir Panine over the other surgeons was the in-depth consultation process with Stuart (Dr. Panine’s Consultant) and the time Dr. Panine spent with me explaining the procedure from start to finish. Both Stuart and Dr. Panine answered all my questions alleviating my fears, and addressing my concerns. Dr. Panine also spent a considerable amount of time drawing and mapping out a hairline that would be age appropriate and suitable for me as I continue to age. Unlike other Physicians and consultants, Dr. Panine and/or Stuart never pressured me into having a surgical procedure. Actually, they were very professional and went above and beyond to accommodate my needs and expectations. After viewing several photo albums and learning about Dr. Panine’s past educational background and surgical experience, I left the consultation feeling very confident with Dr. Panine, his staff, and his artistic work.

On the surgery day, I was somewhat anxious. Dr. Panine and his team made me feel relaxed and they eased my anxiety with medication and their comforting support. Once again, he explained the entire procedure and shared with me the hairline we agreed upon prior to the hair transplant procedure. Virtually, I slept through most of the surgery and experienced minimal pain. Dr. Panine is one of the few physicians that actually perform the surgery himself (including making the surgical sites, removing the donor tissue, and placing the grafts) and who is actively involved throughout the entire procedure until completion.

Unfortunately, while shopping online for a Hair Transplant Surgeon, I had read many reviews from dissatisfied hair transplant patients stating that unlicensed and inexperienced healthcare professionals did a majority of the procedure versus the Physician. As we all know, hair transplantation surgery is very labor intensive, time consuming and costly, and deserves full attention of artistic and experienced Physicians.

It has been 2 years from my surgery and I could not be happier with my results. I would like to share my results with individuals out there looking for an excellent hair transplant surgeon not only in the Chicagoland area, but for those that live anywhere. Based on my experience with Dr. Panine, his staff and my results I would be willing to speak to anyone looking for an excellent hair transplant surgeon please feel free to contact me.








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