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Dr. Shelly Friedman - 1,766 Grafts - Norwood IIIa - FUE - 1 Year Post Op

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Dr. Shelly Friedman performed a FUE on a 26 year old male. Norwood class IIIa, who desired frontal restoration. Dr. Friedman artistically redesigned patient's hairline, and temples. Working his way back to the posterior hairline and frontal region. Dr. Friedman informed the patient that Norwood class IIIa typically needs 2 procedures to fill all areas of concern. Dr. Friedman successfully transplanted 1,766. 800 single follicles were placed in hairline, and temples. 966 follicular unit were placed in patient's posterior hairline, and frontal region. 1 year post op. Dr. Friedman used custom blades and strategically placed each follicular unit at the correct angle, and direction creating the patient's transplanted grafts to grow in a natural pattern.







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Hi scid. Thank you for sharing this fue case. Do you have any pictures of what the patient's hair looked like before surgery? Does dr freidman leave spaces between the fue grafts like that on purpose? I read online that this sometimes leads to better growth with fue? Thank you.

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