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propecia vs proscar


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Hello guys,

Hope ur hairs are doing good icon_smile.gif.


I wanted to know that if propecia and proscar work the same way and propecia is way costly than proscar than why does anybody uses propecia since proscar is cheap and same as propecia who not use proscar.


Is there something in propecia that is more good than proscar.

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In terms of composition, there's no difference at all apart from Proscar having 5mg instead of 1mg of the active ingredient. This is why we need to split the proscar pill into 4 or 5 pieces to achieve something close to the recommended dose.


The reason people use propecia is that it is more difficult to persuade doctors to prescribe proscar (prescribing proscar for hairloss is considered 'off label').


I did wonder if splitting the tablet (and hence breaking the outer coating) could reduce the absorption of the drug, but I guess this isn't the case since all HT clinics are perfectly happy for patients to use proscar tablets this way.

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