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..am I balding? (pics)


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I'm not quite 16, and have pretty long/somewhat naturally thin/flat blonde/brown hair. now, me and my sibling both have light blonde hair right where the hair grows in, but it seems to darken when it grows out more. it's always been that way.


now, I have a whole lot of hair and it's quite healthy, but I use heat on it everyday.


the top of my head, is this just a really noticable crown, or am I starting to bald..?










P.S. on that last one, it makes it look like there's a huge spot on the left--there isn't. if you look closely, you can see it's just light reflecting off of my hair.

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I don't think so. You remind me of myself when I was 18. I went to a toupee guy to see if he would make a toupee for what I was certain was a balding crown. Of course, this guy was truly an expert (and thank God, an honest man), and he told me that my interpretation of a balding crown was something that in his opinion would never go bald. Well, here I am at 42, and my crown looks the same as it did at 18. Of course, I've had a few small HT's done in the hairline to maintain things. Anyway, you're fine. Good luck.



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Did someone comment that they thought you were thinning at the crown, or have you actually noticed some sort of change yourself?

If the studies are anything to go by the hair is less dense at this area than at other parts of the scalp, and the way the hairs grow cause the skin to be exposed to an extant. From what I can see it looks like nothing is amiss.

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Originally posted by Maxxy:

Welcome Hurrple,


When did you first notice the area which you are concerned about?


err, a couple days ago D: I mean, I've always had something like that at the crown, but I never really paid attention to how big it was until now.


it very well may just be me being paranoid. but thank you all for the reassurance <:

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it very well may just be me being paranoid.

That may be the case Hurrple, but as you have just noticed how big it was a few days ago - it may be worth seeing a dermatologist to get their opinion. Hopefully it will be nothing, but the quicker you find out the better. At the very least they will be able to monitor the area.

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