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So, I have been trying to make sense of s million questions and been researching for the last couple of years to only end up more confused and worried than when I started. If there any people which have been through this and can help with answers rather than sales pitches I would be amazingly grateful:


1- massive mixed messages on how long you can keep a system on?? I go to the gym daily and therefore sweat a lot, how often will I need reattachment??

2: what happens if it becomes loose randomly and it needs sorting there and then?? Is it actually possible to take off shave and reattach yourself?? A friend told me he ripped his once whilst trying to do this!!? In which situation I think I may actually prefer the ground to swallow me up!

3: does it make any difference regards detect ability and maintainance for longer styles as my hair is currently longer and I would like s system to replicate this.

4: I currently dye my hair because I prefer it darker, do you think this would be problematic as Virgin hair may dye or fade differently to my own?

5: my partner surprised me with a voucher for total cover plus therefore I'm kind of bound to my first from them; is it an issue to change between suppliers or easier once you have your first system?

6: looking on here I've noticed a post about TCP and I'm not overly amazed with their shape of the hairline or the density in the front. I saw someone post saying it's pretty easy to change this? Would this be something I could do or would have done by them?

7: the reason I'm changing isn't due to complete baldness. I've receded at the front and am now on the crown. I currently manage this by using thickening products and filling it out with custom cut extensions which passes but is just getting harder to upkeep. In relation to this I suppose my concern is, if I have my hair shaved and hair growing through (even if this is patchy) won't this just lift the system off??? Or start to go bumpy??

8: how much on average do people fork out a year?

9: TCP claim that it would be better to get the system cut by them as a normal hair dresser isn't skilled in cutting this type of hair. My current hairdresser is really good he's won wella awards etc but I'm just wondering if their playing off customer anxiety or this is the case???


I've thought about this over 5 years having tried propecia and all the usual jazz and now feel it could be a good step to make. Before I do I'm just super worried I'm going to end up with half my head shaved with the thing peeling off and s financial binding forever!


Anyone who can clear up or shed light on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated



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