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If you want them side by side, one feature you can use is the "Photo Album" feature located under the "New" button. Simply select "photo album," then pick the forum in which you want the thread to be displayed. After that, its a matter of writing a short (or long, whatever you wish) introduction and uploading the photos from your hard drive.


If you would rather just post the pictures to a regular thread, then that gets slightly trickier. You will need to have the images hosted somewhere. There are plenty of free image-hosting sites available. My favorite is photobucket.com. Its pretty easy to register, upload your photos, and youre set to go.


After you have them uploaded to your photobucket page, you will see three white boxes below each photo. Use the ones that start with "http://img..."


All you have to do is cut-and-paste that code into your post and when you hist "Submit" it will show.


Also, if you can, donate a few bucks to the guy that runs that site. Posting pictures on forums runs up a lot of bandwidth and I am sure that costs a good bit after a while.


Hope this helps,





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These are dramatic pictures. I've been trying for an hour without success. I first tried 3 .png photos and that got an error. Then I zipped the folder with them in and tried uploading that: also got an error message.

Any ideas?

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