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2 weeks on FIN, some advice pls !!!

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Hi all;


I am 29 yrs old and losing hair for the last 5 yrs or so. I contacted a doc to ask him about a HT, he told me i needed about 2500-3500k grafts and also suggested me (1mg FIN + Minox + Lasercomb). After reading on this forum and as well some others, i decided to start with FIN and see the results b4 starting with Minox and yeh i didnt find the lasercomb as an option. Taking a pill daily is OK for me but with minox twice daily is a bit diffic. for me, i mean i can be lazy for that for a long term.


Now its 2 weeks i take 1.25mg FIN and i see some thin balck hairs r getting visible in my hairline and this really giving me some hopes. Is it possible so quickly? Pls any suggestions for a better success. I m thinking of minox foam for about after a year or so...


And yeh i dont see any sides yet and my hairfall is almost the same, just accelerated a bit, and is it a negative sign if one doesnt get extreme shedding?


Thanx in advance !


pics added


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