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What Multivitamins do you use?


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I am 90 days post-op. I did not get picky with brands. My local pharmacy/grocery store just carries 2 brands, so I picked NatureMade and went with it. I also take Zinc and Biotin supplements (for now, until I get all my growth in). I am really taking all of this (including Minoxidil and Propecia) to accelerate early growth, and then I will decide after 8 or 10 months what I want to continue, if anything. I am healthy and eat well, and generally I have never taken supplements - I am only doing it for this HT thing.


If I do decide to stop anything in the future, it will be a slow wean process as not to shock my system. I have heard of several people stopping Rogaine or Propecia too abruptly and they have some serious shedding. So I don't want that, but I also do not want to be dependent on anything in the future if I can avoid it. I am 43 and was a NW5 at my surgery, so I don't have a whole heck of a lot of native hair to save by continuing Propecia....we'll see what happens.

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