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2966 grafts with Dr. Brandon Ross

Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

This 38 y/o patient had a total of 2966 grafts placed over two procedures. The grafts were placed throughout the front, middle and crown portions of scalp with a slight weight towards the frontal region.













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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

it is a nice improvement, but you're not impressed? huh...


Sorry you two don't think its that great, but the patient is ecstatic. To each there own, I suppose.

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  • Senior Member

I was trying to be somewhat nice .

Sorry I didnt praise you but it is what it is.

I would expect much more with 2 procedures ,plus he has a pretty wide scar

Most top clinic would do this in one.

Have you ever had surgery?

Staples in your head twice sucks when it could be accomplished in one surgery.


Just because there an improvement doesnt mean I have to be impressed.

Trust me I have no problem giving you kudos if warranted

As long as hes happy then thats all that matters.

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Guest Dr. Brandon Ross

Yes, I have had the procedure.


I don't use staples to close.


This patient is African American, and as such, much larger sections must be taken to ensure follicular survival compared to Caucasian grafts. Because each follicular unit takes up more space (the follicles have a tendency to be shaped like fish hooks rather than straight lines), it is not possible to acheive the same level of dense packing that might be accomplished with another patient. Furthermore, a given amount of African American donor tissue produces a much lower total number of grafts than the same size donor section of Caucasian tissue.


There are a lot of factors that help guide the progression of a procedure. Every patient has their own set of factors, and as a physician I must work within the boundaries presented by each individual patient to ensure the patient's safety and protect the overall outcome of the work. In an ideal world, every surgery would be 5000 grafts and every patient would only need one surgery. However, in real life, a surgeon is limited by the amount of donor tissue which can be safely harvested for surgery. It is important not to exceed such a limitation to ensure proper donor wound healing to result in an infection-free, small donor scar.

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