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finasteride side effects


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hi all.

i started taking fin in mid September. i only took .25mg twice a week. That's 1mg pill in 2 weeks. my plan was to keep this dose for 2-3 months until the side effects eased or went away. so i only took 6 pills in all

3 months in and the side were still there. only soft erections. i would sometimes get hard erections but they wouldn't last. so i decided to stop taking it. I took the last dose on 21st dec 2014. today is 10th Jan and im still experiencing sides. i think i get more frequent morning wood since quitting but im not sure. maybe its just wishful thinking.

i get some what hard morning woods but again, they don't last. and im pretty sure there has been a slight decrease in the length and the girth.

will this go away?

its really scary.

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