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Considering HT in detroit metro area

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I recently started looking into HT and am considering getting the procedure done. I live in the detroit metro area, so if anyone out there has a recommendation for a dr. please let me know. I visited dr. leonard aronovitz; he said i would need 1700 grafts to restore my receding hair line.

I have done some research into the different methods, pro's and con's and recently found some non-surgical procedures which involve injecting growth hormones into the scalp, does anyone have more info on these procedures? are they safe? effective?

I am also concerned with the scar that might be left behind after the surgery, the first dr. i had a consult with (aronovitz) said since i was young, 25, i may need another surgery in the future and by doing the FUE it may thin out a potential donor area that might be needed for future surgeries.

ANy advice and tips would be helpful. I plan on scoping out a couple more doctors to get a couple different estimates, opinions, etc.


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