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Advice Leading to HT and Review

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Hi Everyone.


I am a NW5 according to feedback from several HT doctors, and I will almost certainly get a HT this upcoming summer of 2015.


I am most seriously considering an HT in Turkey, and currently really like the work and value for money of doctors Ali Karadeniz, Demisroy, and Hakan Doganay.


They all estimated between 3-4,000 grafts, have all been very responsive and professional, and their prices are all ballpark for what I can afford. Namely:


Dr. Ali Karadeniz = $ 4400-5000 USD

Dr. Demisroy = $ 5500-5800 USD

Dr. Doganay = $7600 (using 3000 grafts to calculate)


If anyone can offer anything, I would really appreciate it.


The purpose of this post is to solicit opinions and advice, and also to start to document my journey in its early stages, with the hope of later posting a trip report at time of surgery and the before and after pics.











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