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Morning Erections!


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My propecia Story:

I started loosing hair and after talking to my doctor he said that I've the male pattern baldness (hereditary). I wanted to go for a hair transplant but my doctor advised me to go for Propecia and some custom minoxidil lotion prepared by him since I was not too old (27).

I started taking Propecia(1 mg dose) since Oct 2008. My doctor advised me to take the dose for 6 months to see the real effect. I lost more hair in the beginning of the usage for around 1 month or so. After that, my hair loss stopped to a great extent, the existing hair was growing longer and I saw some new hair too. I was very happy with the results until I saw some side effects like weaker erections, reduced thickness of semen and some white hair too. My doctor said these side effects will go away once your body get used to the drug etc.

I talked to my doctor about these side effects and he advised me to go for M,W,F (Since Apr 1st 2009) dose instead of daily dose. I did as suggested but the side effects still remain. On top of all these, I noticed that I no longer have morning erections which I used to have every single day before taking propecia. I used to have sex for 2-3 times at once sometimes but not anymore. I might try viagra but at 27 I'm kind of scared about the side effects of viagra too.

I stopped taking Propecia for two weeks and I saw my hair was falling again but my erections were stronger than before. I want to stop propecia but scared of losing my hair too.

I work out atleast 4 days a week ( 2-3 days weights, 1-2 days cardio). I try to eat healthy food most of the times and I take multi vitamins daily. My questions are:


1) Anybody has seen the same side effects as me ?

2) If so, did you stop taking propecia ? Did you regain your normal erections or your sexual drive after you stopped taking propecia ?

3) How long does it take for you to become normal ?

4) Is hair transplant the only solution for me ?

4) Do we need to be on propecia even after hair transplant surgery ( I read some threads regarding this on this forum) ?

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1. I have taken propecia for 8 months, stopped using it, and went back to normal in a week. then tried to take a lower dosage .50 of a pill. had the same side effects.. and still have yet to recover..

2. the first time i quit yes, the 2nd time, still have not yet.

3. could take a week could take 2 months, could be never.

4. search PRP on this forumn, might be something to look into.

5.i guess this would depend on how bad you're hairloss is,age, and what nw scale u are.

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