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8th Month Result of my HT procedure with 2800 graft


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I am writing this message as a way to convey my personal experience thus far with a hair transplant. I would like to offer hope to people considering this route. One caveat is that everyone is a different case-regarding donor supply, pain tolerance, how far along the Norwood scale, etc. Without naming physician (only by message or email ) I will tell you of my experience. I researched for over 5 years who to go to and kept coming back to the surgeon I chose.

I had tremendous trepidation about whether I should do this-people would tell me I look fine but I knew I was kidding myself with my hairstylist working with me to cover my completely eroded hairline and front as well it made me a 4A on the Norwood scale. I was given 2 Valium to relax me. We discussed the hairline that would be age appropriate for now and the future. Then we were ready to get started.


I can tell you that I have a low pain tolerance and definitely dreaded the needles for the anesthesia and rightfully so-they did hurt especially the forehead-but the good news is you felt nothing after that. None of the harvesting nor placement of grafts into the receptor sites. I was pleasantly surprised. Based on my personal experience the surgeon was able to place 2800 grafts. She even told me that she was sure I would be happy with the results something she refrains from saying. She knows that I am very particular and I believed her. It is all a waiting game. say 6 months to a year before you see real results at least this is what I have been told.


The specialist used the latest technology-the tricophytic closure a double suture process-to assure a minimal scar provided you do as your told.


We are all adults and clearly must be responsible for our own welfare. Therefore if you follow exactly the direction for maintaining post op procedures I am sure it will minimize infection chances and limit scar size. You must treat these grafts as if they are fragile like glass-they can be destroyed accidentally and through not following directions. I am on 8th month the way through the post op.


I myself am very sad to say that I had a violent reaction to the pain medication.. Between the antibiotics and the pain meds it really did a number on my stomach. I see that as the worst part for me. Amazing the procedure was easier than the recuperating time-I never would have guessed. I am just getting over this gas pain/vomiting caused by the medication. It was a tough couple of days.


Would I do it again?


Absolutely yes-the small/moderate pain you feel in the few days is nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness. The bottom line is I was unhappy with my appearance-depressed, self-conscious, lack of confidence you name it.


My advice is simple-do your research. check out hair transplant on youtube-they show actual surgeries-do not let that put you off. do not shop around for cheap. this is your future. my cost was $4,000 for 2800 grafts from a HT specialist rated the top 5 in Istanbul / Turkey. Do not go cheap-you will pay for it in the end.


Good Luck!













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