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Dr. Sam van Eeden - HR Institute Dublin - INTRODUCTION

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Dr. Sam van Eeden qualified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2013. Dr. van Eeden is the Medical Director of the Hairloss Restoration Institute (HRInstitute) and the Micro Hair Simulation Clinic (MHSclinic). Dr. van Eeden is registered with the Irish Medical Council and practicing as a Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon in Dublin, specialising in the FUE procedure and complicated HR procedures including correcting FUT strip procedure scarring and eyebrow restoration. Dr. van Eeden's training in emergency medicine and surgery afforded him the skill sets to excel in the FUE technique and procedure. His basic qualification in Medical Sciences and Research further supports his interest and research in the use of Adjunctive treatments including Platelet Rich Plasma, Carboxytherapy and scalp micro pigmentation in conjunction with formal FUE procedures to optimise the result with minimal surgical intervention.


Our team was originally trained in the FUT strip procedure and was completely retrained for the FUE procedure in 2010 when Dr. van Eeden consciously decided to specialise in the FUE procedure exclusively for all transplants. As a result the HR Institute is now competing with the best FUE transplant teams in the world delivering more than 3500 FUE transplants in a single session on one day.


The Clinic in Dublin, Ireland was custom designed and built exclusively for Hair transplant Surgery and complies with the new EU Standard CEN/TC 403 for Class II and Class III facilities. This ensures our International clients of the highest level of regulated technical and medical care. Our fine team is well experienced in Medical Tourism and many of the clients operated in the HR Institute are from outside of Ireland following our reputation for professional excellence and brilliant results.


We welcome all clients from across the world to magical Ireland and to our beautiful medieval village of Malahide with its fine Castle, beaches, hotels, traditional pubs and restaurants. Only 20 minutes from the Airport your visit and stay with us will be stress free, relaxed and supported in the finest of detail and Irish hospitality.


















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