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What am I really doing by marrying Finasteride (Propecia/Proscar)?


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Unfortunately, finasteride cannot actually stop your hair loss. Finasteride only reduces the level (approx. 69%) of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your blood and on your scalp. It was originally used for treating prostate enlargement in men. You should take finasteride to slow down the process of hair loss and reduce its effects as much as reasonably possible. Typically, in the vertex (top of the scalp toward the back), this drug improves or maintains the quality and volume of your hair. Basically, by accepting the long-term commitment to this drug, you are slowing down your rate of hair loss and thickening your thinning areas. Prior to taking this big step, certainly read all warnings and cautions regarding the possible side effects associated with this drug.


Whether to be on medical therapy for hair loss is a very intimate decision. Deciding to pursue surgical hair restoration may not be as important as deciding to maintain your existing hair. Hair loss is totally progressive condition. Not only do you as an individual hair loss sufferer want hair but you should also want to keep it as well.


At MyWHTC clinic, we strive to educate you about current hair restoration options to help you decide on what treatments are most beneficial and which to avoid.



My opinions are based on my beliefs and are simply my own. I am one representative of the WHTC clinic.

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