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friar tuck - 4 days post op

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Hi all,


I am 4 days post op (3600 fut with dr path - 2600 crown/ 1000 hairline). I return to work 11 days postop. Once return back to home I will update on my full positive experience with pics


My hairline / scar is coverable by my hair. However my crown( which used have very fine hair) has been shaved down. I have dark hair and quiet thick so looks shocking to say the least! Picture taken morning of operation and today.


Dr path has given me the go ahead to use toppik 10 days post op. I have never used before. Anyone have any experience using on newly transplanted hair /scalp. I am not looking to give myself a full concealed look but a look that looks 'semi' natural for work.


Wearing cap in work not an option. I will comb surrounding into this area to minimise surface area! Any help / advice / suggestions appreciated!



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