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Experience and thoughts with transplants

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I had an experience of hairtransplant with one doctor last week. I read this forum a lot and trough it I went to two previous experiences years ago, with another doctor: one good, which led me to the second one with the same doctor, which wasn't good because of a bad yield and huge scar.


Years passed by, my native hair fell and I started looking artificial to me. So I felt like a bug or like the hunchback of Notredam, although people told me I was good looking. How can this difference be? I saw my body from the interior of it, in the mirror, and saw like grass in my head rather than hair, as it was too thick being so scarce. But even when I compared my view with other people about a picture, it led to the same difference of view. I don't understand how can this be.


I forgot about all this and thought I had to live with it, being stronger than the image of my body purifying my soul. I forgot about it but some day I thought all those bad feelings came from the image of my hair, being so artificial to me, but I had forgotten about it. I checked this experimentally as I felt much better when I didn't look in the mirror but rather experienced my image as it was received in the face of the people. Most of people reacted as if it was a pleasant image. But sometimes they are looking at your eyes when you are talking and suddenly they raise their look and I felt like and object, and the natural flow of my speech was broken due to a reflexive and critical twist from the audition of my words to the look of body.


Now I had this pleasant experience of transplant with one of the most recommended doctors in here. A very gentle staff that treats you like a king. I'm crossing my fingers for a good yield! I think this yielding thing should be more thought as it gives to HT this feeling of anxiety due to the openness between the surgery and the result, the uncertainty so that even the best doctors can have a bad result. Surely this uncertainty comes from the fact that there may be too many factors, and not all in the hands of surgeons, but multiplicity is not the same than randomness...


:) I hope this grows! Wish you all the best, I'm very thankful for your writing and discussion which I think led me to a good decision this time.



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