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average recovery/regrowth after FUE surgery?

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I have been through 3 FUT surgeries and at this point (after taking some time off Propecia and paying the price), but my hair is sparser than I'd like. Feel free to look at my Blog for more details.


My doctor, Paul Shapiro, said my scalp was simply no longer lax or ideal enough for another FUT, so we're going the route of FUE in a few months. Obviously this is more complicated since FUE will reveal a pretty long FUT scar until the hair grows back, although part of our strategy is to use 300 or so hairs to fill in the scar and allow me to keep my hair cut shorter. In all likelihood, this is the last hair surgery I will have. I have always been an average candidate, at best, and I don't mind having my hair pretty well buzzed.


My question is: if I'm planning a solo vacation during this recovery time, how many weeks before the hair grows back and remnants of the scar are covered? It's a bit abstract now because we can't now how successful filling in the scar will be, visually. But I'm curious if others on this forum have had a similar scenario.

Jan 2000 - 600 FUT with Dr Kurgis (MHR)

Sept 2011 - 1411 FUT with Dr Paul Shapiro

Jan 2013 - 1800 FUT with Dr Paul Shapiro

Sep 2014 - 1000 FUE with Dr Paul Shapiro


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