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Pain in Donor Area after FUE

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I had my first FUE procedure 7 days ago and I started to experience pain in the donor area at 4 days post-op. Burning, stinging and itching feeling...not horrible pain during the day, but certainly uncomfortable. The pain got worse at night and is making it difficult to sleep. After reading some strings on this topic, which have been posted over the past few years, athough it doesn't seem all that common, it looks like I'm not alone in having this situation.


From everything I'm reading, this is due to the nerves in the donor area and should begin to subside over the next couple weeks. I have read a few that may have taken a bit longer, but in those situations, it seems that their pain, although not gone completely, had improved significantly.


Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this situation recently and how long it took before the pain started to improve in the donor area.


Great to have this forum by the way...before reading the posts, I was getting very concerned about the pain and my imagination was starting to run wild.

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