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Looking for *good* economical hair system


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Hey everyone, I'm a 23 year old student experiencing growing hair loss and have been looking into hair systems for while now.


I have heard often that they are expensive to replenish and to maintain. However I really need to choose the most economic options and have learned that Synthetic systems last much longer.


Does anyone here wear a synthetic system that can share their views? My idea is to get a high quality synthetic system and take really good care of it, only replenishing once to twice a year, with no maintenance cost or hassle. Does this sounds realistic?


Thanks so much!

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You can take care of the maintenance yourself, but it's a learning curve, man. You WILL need assistance in the beginning.


There are a few good salons out there, that give the option to go it alone, and you get the peace of mond knowing they're always there if you want them.


Oh yeah, I wouldn't go near synthetic hair, it looks and feels false. Not good.


As for the life of your hair... depends what kind of hair you order, and how well you take care of it!


THG :-)

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