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Bilateral Temple HT with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin

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Here is a Male patient with temporal hair loss. His right side being the thinner of the two areas. When considering hair transplantation in smaller areas, there is a limited number of hair grafts that can be transplanted with one procedure. Over "packing" a smaller area jeopardizes graft survival, and risks loss some individual hairs forever more. Multiple smaller procedures will preserve hair grafts, and is a more efficient way to distribute valuable delicate hairs to achieve optimal fullness. This surgery was performed by strip harvest, with Trichophytic staple closure. 1,331 follicular unit grafts were transplanted, resulting in 3,128 individual hairs. The images show before surgery, blue surgical plan markings, immediately following the procedure, and one year after the surgery. Notice the hairline looks completely natural and the improvement in the total amount of hair within the hair pins. Also take notice of the overall increase in "hair body", a characteristic which gives his hair a richer, healthier looking appearance. High graft counts and significant improvements with very bald patients are dramatic. But, I personally feel that the patients with imperceptible and natural looking before and after improvements are far more impressive. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the talented work of other Physicians and Technicians on this Forum.











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Hair Restoration Specialist with Dr. Edmond I. Griffin and Dr. Ashley R. Curtis of The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration in Atlanta, GA 1-800-806-4247 Our patient goal is to create imperceptible and natural looking hair transplant results.

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