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Need recommedations on FUE Surgeon in India

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I am from India. I am 28 and I have been losing hair for about 6 years but lost most of what is lost in the last 4 years. My personal assessment is that I am between NW 4 and NW5. I have been thinking of a undergoing a HT for some time now.


I have consulted some clinics or doctors in Hyderabad, India.


1. ADHI India- They have reviewed and said that I will need 4300 grafts. They said they do only FUE using some special machines and bla bla bla. I was told they charge some Rs. 45/ graft but under some scheme they could do it for Rs 110K. The offer was lucrative but I was still doubtful about their quality and results. They appeared to be pushing me towards HT by them by hook or crook.


2. I have consulted Dr. Puli Ravindra Reddy. The consultation lasted only 5 mins. He said he won’t do FUE and will do only FUE. He said I need about 4k grafts and he will do it in one session. He does only FUT and so out of my list.


3. I was impressed by the list of celebrities advertised by ADVANCED HAIR STUDIO and made an appointment. Their consultant showed lot of patience and answered my queries well though most of the time he seemed advertising their establishment. He recommended a combo of laser treatment and their HT (They don’t accept if you say it's HT- They call it Strand by strand ultimate). He said while ALT helps retaining existing hair and strengthening it by making DHT hormone mix with blood and the HT helps covering the frontal area with high density. He was keen on covering the frontal area than Top and mid scalp. His reasoning was I need that to have youthful looks for my age. I was greatly impressed by the laser technique. It will go on for 10 months for 30 sessions and after that I wont need to use any medicine since there is no DHT. However, For these 10 months, they will give me some shampoo and conditioner, Minoxidil and a herbal pill. He said their doctors can extract 6-7 K grafts even from FUE in single session and 12k grafts with a combination of FUT and FUE.


So I was impressed. First with the list of cricketers, then laser technique. I have decided to go on with Laser thing and HT with them. After coming home, I had checked internet for reviews. I read horrible reviews but most reviews are for their hair systems, which they call Strand by strand cosmetic. I have not read any review for their HT work.


So after reading the reviews on their hair systems, I am very skeptical now.


Though there are good reviews about the Dr. Pathuri Madhu, He does only FUT and so out of my list.


So friends, please suggest me a good FUE clinic or surgeon from India. Anywhere in India is ok with me, I was almost going to do it with ADVANCED HAIR STUDIO. Are they bad in case of HTs too? what about their laser technique? Please please help me.


I am attaching some photos so you can comment on my condition too.




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Rule out Advanced Hair Studios ! your right to be cautious - there are some terrible reviews out there for this hair mill.


If you want a quality Hair Surgeon - Why not opt for Dr Bhatti at the Darling Buds (google search for this clinic)


Search on this forum and you will see plenty of results ! Hope this helps.

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