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Thanks guys


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Just signed up to say thanks


I signed up on another site this week also


Im thanking you because i got a bit ahead of myself and noticed one company ukhairtransplants doing what seemed to be very reasonable deals ;so i sent off an interested form

Luckily it was bank holiday so i thought id google the company and low and behold it came up on here ....a mr paul hill was also mentioned and he scammed people in the teeth whitening business .

Then on tuesday a mobile number rang my phone to which i answered and was greeted by a very pushy salesman "you have to book a consultation its our last slot for these unbelievable prices"


So thanks guys have been in touch with stephen from bhrclinic and also clara from dr mwamba clinic

Also emailed farjo but no response just yet .is there anymore clinic in the uk which are decent


Thanks phil

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Mick hughes from farjo ringing me apparently but hasnt of yet.

Did you go to ahdclinic in turkey a dr hakan doganay


I emailed them last week and the dr been intouch i was looking at fut but he does fue .

Its actually cheaper to get to turkey than it is belguim

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