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Melanotan post op?

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Good afternoon everyone and happy memorial weekend, hope everyone is having a relaxing stress free weekend!


As I sit inside the house and watch my family hanging by the pool enjoying themselves in the sun, I sit here 2 months post op avoiding the sun on my new follicle babies. I know I could wear a hat, bandana etc, but after being obsessed with my hair for years and finally getting a HT and the big investment both $$ time and emotion I rather play it safe.


My question is I have been reading up on Melanotan, it gives you the tanning effect without exposure to the sun or any UV rays. Everything I read has given no talk to hairloss as a side effect. I'm wondering if any of you guys have used it post op and had any effects?

I don't mind staying pastey white u til my hair is fully grown but if there is zero sides Im willing to give it a shot.

Any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated..

Happy growing!

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