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I'm new to all this and had a few opinions/views that I'd thought I'd share to see if anyone with more experience than me could comment on.


I've been slowly losing my hair on my crown for a few years and now it is really starting to get noticeable (am known as the teacher with the bald spot!). I'm maybe a NW3V, though my hairline is actually pretty good and hasn't really changed and my hair is longish, so I'm not certain about this.


I tried Regaine 5% but it gave me severe chest pains which I really didn't like at all. Similarly, there seems to be a lot of bad things said about finasteride. This has lead me to thinking that a HT is the most healthy and effective method of restoration, whilst from my reading so far, FUE seems a much better option than FUT.


I've also read that I should really think about my potential future balding before rushing into a HT, as I am almost certainly not finished losing hair (28 years old, Dad and Grandad were NW6/7). I was wondering is it possible to have a small HT now to cover my spot and still have plenty of grafts left for the future? That way I can almost hide the fact that I was ever balding, which is far preferable to me but not the way most people go based on the few stories I have read. Is there long term issues with this? Or is it just too expensive in the long run?


I've attached a picture which is probably looking at its worst. Would really appreciate any response, as like I said, I'm new to this!



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