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Dissolving Finasteride in Everclear (95% Ethanol)


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So there are various studies which show that 0.1 mg of Finasteride can have some good effects too. I think this is a safe approach for someone in the earlier phases to be able to test it out and see his personal measure of the side-effects.


If I have a 5mg generic Finasteride pill, how would I split that into that many pieces? Is the medication evenly distributed in the pill?


Question 1: I have read that it might be soluble in ethanol, so if I dissolve a pill into Everclear, will the pill be preserved (or will it start losing it's effectiveness/potency. since even Everclear is only 95 alcohol%).


Question 2: What about creating a powder and mixing it with sugar or salt?



The reason I want to micro-dose is because it seems that after 0.05mg, the results are almost the same. I can post a link to the tudy if the moderators allow it.

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