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Had in person consultation with Dr. John Diep


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Hi All,


First of all thanks for all the information you guys sharing in this community.

I am glad, I found this community.

I am 31 years old and class IV-A patient future class VI.

I had a consultation with Dr. John Diep in person and I am happy about that.

He is very kind person and he explained me every details.

I am confused to choose between FUE and FUT.

I am worried about the linear scar because of FUT.

So, it will be great if I meet people in person or Skype who had FUT with Dr. Diep in person.

Kindly let me know if anyone willing to meet me in person for few minutes.

I live in Mountain view.

I won't take much time.


Thanks again.

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Hi newlook,


I haven't had any procedures done with Dr. Diep, but I'm considering him myself. If you do go through with the procedure, would you mind if we stayed in touch? I live in San Jose (actually just about 10-15 minutes away from where Dr. Diep is located). If you go through with the procedure, it would be excellent if we could meet in person.

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