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Considering HT; need information!

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First of all, let's say I was a total noob 1 week ago regarding HT. I did read a lot about it in the last week, but still have questions.


I'm 34 years old. For as long as I can remember, I always has a high hairline. But since I'm 26, I noticed I'm losing some hairs and my hairline is receding. I guess I'm Norwood 3A (not sure though). I do have a receding hairline, but I'm dont have any bald spot on top.


I did try monoxydil 5% (foam) 1 year ago. I tried for 3-4 month and didnt notice any difference: neither some shedding, neither some regrow. I didnt like the idea of using monoxydil foam twice a day until the end of my life, so I did stop.


So now, I'm considering HT, but need some more information. Here is some questions: any help is greatly appreciated!


1- I dont want to have to take extra care of my hairs. I dont mind having a specific shampoo or something like that, but I dont want to put any extra effort like putting some foams twice/day, 7 days/weeks. I would also prefer to avoid any drugs. An Hair Transplant seems like the best option if I want some regrow, right?


2- FUE or FUT? As I sometimes keep my hair short, FUE will be better to avoid any visible scars, am I right?


3- After a FUE, will I need to apply some foams or take any medications for years? Or once it's done, I can just live my life without worrying doing extra care to my hairs?


4- I'm in North America (Montreal). I saw it may be best for me to go for a FUE abroad. Any surgeon recommendation or any specific country is better? Or is there any in Quebec/Ontario/North-east USA?


5- For FUE abroad, did you book via an agency or something? Or you went directly in Turkey/India/wherever and make an appointment on place? If it's better with an agency, do you have any recommendation?


6- Aside from surgeon's, is there anything else better? To have a natural result and the less visible scar possible, am I right to stick to manual punch? Or there is not that many difference if motorized punch is used?


7- Anything I need to know before going for a HT? Any advice, anythings special I should consider first?


Thanks! :)

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