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Dr. Chang Newport

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I'm not much of a writer but here is my story anyway. I just love Dr. Chang in Newport Beach Natural Hair transplant Medical Center and his staff . He was my first choice because of his experience and knowledgable staff. I'm in sales and I also work in pharmaceutical so appearance is very important ,so I took my time choosing a Doctor . On my initial visit he satisfied my expectations of my desired outcome . He answered all my questions so I knew what to expect and prepare for by using models, computer images and drawings.The

staff was great and they are also experienced in all the latest techniques in hair restoration and just a great bunch of ladies. Very nice and very friendly. My wife took me On the day of the procedure (you need someone to drive because of the meds used)and we went through the expectation again. The procedure didn't hurt all . They girls kept monitoring my level of comfort throughout the whole 8 hour procedure and they kept checking on my wife to. I was very amused with each person who worked on me. They are all just the best people. Dr. Chang was right there the whole time which gave me confidence that each graft would be a success. Dr. Chang is a very smart and patient man, the best of doctors. As they worked on me I watched two full length movies with the staff commenting occasionally on the movie which made me feel right at home. Jamie and the other two ladies all had decades of experience to my benefit. They finished up around 6 PM . They were all very satisfied with the procedure which made me glad. Finally the doctor sent me home with propecia and some post op meds & instructions. I'm only a couple of days post op and I have not seen any grafts fall out or experience any pain. I took the med the first night and have been ok since. Thank God! Everything is healing well. I would totally recommend Dr. Chang to anyone who wants a pro working on them!!!!

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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to share your hair transplant experience. I encourage you to post your before and after pics aslo.


Best of luck!

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I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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