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Hi All,


This is the first time I have posted and just wanted to run my dilemma past you all to see what you think.


In brief I had my first transplant 7 years ago and have had one further transplant 3 years ago. I have been pleased with the results and it really has changed my life for the better up until now.


However, due to sides I have never been able to take Fin and have recently had to stop taking minoxidil due to suffering a bad reaction about 3 months ago (redness & Itchy skin).


I have subsequently seen a real dip in the quality of my hair (behind the transplanted hair) and have started to experience increased shedding to a point that I'm starting to get a but concerned.


I can see that I will eventually lose all the hair on the top of my head and while I have been told that I still have donor hair available I'm in two minds as to whether to deal with having a "tuft" at the front of my head or get further transplants to improve the situation?


I'm realistic enough to know I may not be able to maintain a completely full head of hair but would hope to achieve something that looks respectable.


Has anybody else been in this situation? What did you do? Does anybody have any advice?





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