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My Experience with Dr. Rashid Rashid FUE Hair Transplant in Houston


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Graft #: I had 1000 grafts by FUE in the office Dr. Rashid Rashid

Procedure date: late 2012 in Houston area of the Heights

Results: Great/Very happy


Timeline: It took a while, it has been over a year and I am now seeing the full effect.

Cost better then expected, more in line with Dr Limmer, Dr Vories, or the other guys who understand this shouldnt cost an arm and a leg.

His videos and pictures are right on the dot. Read the consent and instructions carefully! IT has a lot of details on what to expect in density and recovery. If you do not read the details, ask the questions, do your research you may be shocked by the whole process. Some people may even think things didnt go well or are not as expected and jump the gun on a second procedure(it really took a long long time to see the work in effect). But really, all you have to do is wait and read and research.


I definitely rec Dr. R


Pictures to come soon.

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