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Beginning my HT journey with Dr. Erkan Demirsoy


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I am from the U.S., Oklahoma specifically, and I have been searching for a FUE surgeon who has proven to provide good results and of course is reasonably priced. After reviewing many surgeons from the U.S., India and Turkey I came across Dr. Demirsoy, who hashas many years running his own practice and is very reasonably priced, at least 5x less than lesser FUE docs in the states.



So basically I am 33 years of age, been balding since i was about 16 and have norwood class 5V balding, and am hoping that in 2 surgeries, roughly 3k-3.5k grafts apiece, I can have my teenage hairline back and get back density in my crown. I am not expecting to have a full head of hair, but if I can frame my face well and not have a bald spot on top of my head, It will be a very drastic improvement.


So at this point, I have sent my deposit of 500 euro via western union to Demirsoy's assistant, as directed by Clemens Weber who handles Dr. Demirsoy's booking, and have a surgery date of June 30, 2014.


I will keep this topic updated as things unravel.

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Slowmoe, Iam too planning a ht with Dr. Demirsoy. Do you know if they offer financing or are you paying your balance when you get to the clinic in Turkey? Good Luck on everything and will be following your journey!



As far as I know there is no financing available. You should contact Clemens Weber on here to find out for sure.

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